Nov 27: Bach Mass in B Minor

Saturday 27 November 2021 (7.30pm)
Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington

Self-presented concert accompanied by Orpheus Choir Wellington

We are proud to bring this monumental masterpiece to the Michael Fowler Centre accompanied by Orchestra Wellington. In this work, Bach becomes a museum director, surveying his collection and building the most beautiful exhibition of his life.

The B Minor Mass is, without doubt, one of the greatest musical achievements of all time. In this one work, you will experience an abundance of different forms and genres, including his older renaissance to his modern 18th-century style. Bach includes solo voices, single and double choruses, duets and duets that develop into quartets. Bach also shows off the orchestra with superb concerti grossi.

There was no obligation for Bach to compose this work. Unlike his ‘Passions’, no one paid him for it. This makes its purpose unique and so special. The Mass was mostly composed at the end of his life, without Bach ever having the opportunity to hear it. Was this work a thank you to God, or was it intended for the future of music makers and lovers? Perhaps he had one final desire to compose the highest work before he died? Well, he certainly did that — it is utter perfection.

Joining us is a superb line-up of talent:

Emma Pearson and Jenny Wollerman — Sopranos

Maaike Christie-Beekman — Contralto

Declan Cudd — Tenor 

Wade Kernot — Bass

Douglas Mews — Harpsichord

Orchestra Wellington


Tickets will be available through Ticketmaster. For advance bookings, please email our Administrator. 

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