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10 reasons people join Orpheus

  • Quality performances, quality programmes, quality musical director, quality esprit de corps!
  • To sing the most magnificent music in the world with wonderful orchestras.
  • A choir our size makes an incredible sound that’s a joy to be part of.
  • It’s the only big gig in town! And it gets better all the time.
  • It’s better than yoga for de-stressing! And you make friends and wonderful music together.
  • Singing lifts the spirit, singing with over a hundred people multiplies the effects.
  • Getting to sing the greatest masterpieces of classical music with the biggest choir in NZ and some of the best musicians!
  • How long have you got?
  • Choral singers are happier people!
  • We are a damn good choir, with a highly talented Music Director! Why wouldn’t you want to be part of it?

We rehearse at Te Whaea, 11 Hutchison Road, Newtown, on Tuesday nights from 7.30pm. The annual subscription is $300 (including GST). There is no fee for full-time tertiary students.

Upcoming events


If you love singing, can read music and want to join a spectacular choir full of great people, sign up for an audition.

Auditions are held throughout the year and are arranged by our auditions coordinator. We encourage you to register your interest in auditioning or contact us for more information about what’s entailed.


The Orpheus Choir of Wellington invites tertiary students to audition to join the choir’s choral scholars.
  • Be part of New Zealand’s largest symphonic choir.
  • Receive financial support.
  • Sing the great works of the classical repertoire as well as contemporary choral music.
Contact us for further information and an application form.

Be part of the best​

Our performances are vibrant, thrilling, and presented with technical skill. Orpheans are super-positive, passionate, dedicated, and keen to take on risks. We are not ashamed to be entertaining — creating performances in the interests of entertainment is of benefit to the performers too.



We are an epic symphonic-sized choir. This is vital for repertoire like Verdi's Requiem where there is a need to balance the vocals with huge orchestrate forces. That doesn't stop us from including a wide variety of other styles in our repertoire where our size brings a new dimension to the music."

Frances Manwaring

Orpheus Chair

The mighty Orpheus

We bring you dramatic, spectacular and emotionally charged performances of stunning choral music.

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