Our scholars

We are delighted to continue to grow the number of younger singers in the choir  — it’s great to have such a broad age range represented. As part of our plan to encourage student musicians, the Board continues to award Orpheus Choral Scholarships on the recommendation of the Music Director. We are very grateful to Todd Corporation Ltd for their generous sponsorship of these scholarships.

What I have gained from singing with Orpheus is almost without measure. it has been a wonderful experience getting to do the big works and the classics that you would never get to do otherwise, as well as getting to understand more of the work required to put these things together.Technically, I have also grown hugely in my sight-reading, in creating different vocal colours and generally improving my musicianship and sensitivity to music. it is overall a delight to be immersed in the classical world and to have such a grounding in a variety of works and composers that I would’ve missed had this not become part of my life.The comradery and uttermost joy of singing with a brilliant group of people are also second to none and the exhilaration of thunderous applause (hopefully!) from audiences that truly love what we do is just fabulous.

Joe Haddow BMus (Orpheus Scholar 2015-2019) / Lexus song quest finalist 2018)

Class of 2022

HELEN OLIVER (2019-22)

Helen has been singing in school choirs since 2008 and has had vocal lessons since 2011. She loves singing as a soprano and has enjoyed the opportunity of being in the Tawa College Blue Notes from 2015-2018 as well as the various other choirs and singing groups provided by the school. In 2018 Helen also relished the opportunity to co-direct and conduct the student led Early Birds, gaining an Adjudicator’s Choice Award and Best Student Directed Choir Award at the 2018 Big Sing. This year she is continuing to study for her BA and is remaining part of both Orpheus and Wellington Youth Choir for a third year, and she is looking forward to more opportunities to sing with an orchestra. The award of this Orpheus scholarship offers Helen the opportunity to continue singing throughout her third year of University study and into the future.

ELLIE BURNS (2021/22)

I am an enthusiastic student of the arts. I have participated in all things singing since the age of 6. Kids Sing sparked my love of Choral singing. In my final school year, I was delighted to lead and sing with QMC Chorale at the Big Sing Finale, the first time in 11 years to compete and win a silver award. I also enjoyed Barbershop, where my quartet performed at National’s in 2019. At school I helped found a social choir, providing a safe space to encourage new singers. I was delighted to join Orpheus as I missed being with a choir and enjoy singing challenging repertoire. I am looking forward to growing my sight-reading abilities and can’t wait to sing with a full orchestra! I am in my first year of University at Victoria studying a BA. This scholarship will enable me to continue developing and singing.


Angus is in his final year of study towards a Bachelor of Commerce at Victoria University of Wellington, majoring in economics and public policy. He found his passion for singing and choral whilst at Bethlehem College, singing in the school’s mixed and boys only choirs. He received two years of classical voice training. He then joined his singing teacher’s chamber choir, the Scholars Pro Musica, for performances of Fauré’s Requiem and Handel’s Messiah. In his final year at Bethlehem College he was awarded the school’s top cultural award for commitment to choir and the performing arts. He has now joined Orpheus to continue his passion for choral, for the diverse repertoire, and for the inclusive community of a large choir.


Philip is currently studying towards a PhD in Software Engineering. Philip started singing while at Tawa College and has been extensively involved in choirs since. In his final years at Tawa, Philip sang with the New Zealand Secondary Students’ Choir (2015-2016). Since then, he has been involved with the Wellington Youth Choir, Orpheus and currently sings with the New Zealand Youth Choir (2020-2022). Philip is the Music Director of Wellington Youth Choir. Philip enjoys the inclusivity of choirs and loves how choirs can come together to make a stunning sound which you can’t get with fewer people. This scholarship will help Philip continue his singing as he travels to Australia with the New Zealand Youth Choir at the end of the year.


I found my start in choirs in primary school and never looked back. I sang in numerous choirs including the Wellington Girls’ College premiere choir Teal Voices from 2016 – 2018. I’m currently in my third year of studying a conjoint Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics. After taking a year away from choirs in my first year of university, I realized how important choral singing was to me, and began singing with the Wellington Youth Choir in 2020 and Orpheus in 2021. I am passionate about the sense of comradery and empowerment singing in a choir brings, and I am proud to be part of something wider than myself. Orpheus brings new opportunities for me to sing in a large choir, performing works I’ve always dreamed of singing. I am very excited to be a part of the choir this year and in years to come.

Past Orpheus Scholars


Berhahn, Sam (2019)

Bostock, Isabel (2021)

Broughan, Katrine (2015, 16)

Burchill, Caroline (2021)

Burns, Ellia (2021, 22)

Callaghan, Lizzie (2016, 19)

Carino, Beatrix (2016, 17, 18 — not completed)

Clothier, Stephen (2015, 16, 17)

Cole, Marcel (2019)

Daly, James (2021)

Dick, Jeffrey (2019)

Doudney, Isabel (2017, 18, 19, 20, 21)


Ellis Wood, Mia (2021, 22)

France, Lucy (2018)

Giandonco, Alex (2015, 16)

Haddow, Joe (2015, 16, 17, 18, 19)


Kempthorne, Philip (2021)

Liley, Peter (2017)z


Makwana, Priya (2015 — not completed)

Mander, Alice (2019)

Marshall, Olivia (2015)

McIndoe, Katherine (2015

Mileham, Sarah (2021)

Moore, Francesca (2016, 17, 18)

Munan, Laura (2021)

Orchard, Pasquale (2015, 16, 17, 18)

Parker, Ruby (2019)

Paton, Rebecca Gilbert (2017)


Oliver, Helen (2019, 20, 21, 22)

Oliver, Philip (2017, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22)

Reason, Ben (2015)

Reid, Anastasia (2021)

Pearson, Izzy (2021)

Sim, Henry (2016, 17, 18, 19)

Shannahan, Paddy (2021)

Stewart, Angus (2021, 22)

Summer, Lizzie (2019)

Shangarpawar, Tanaya (2018)

Thanwala, Karishna (2015, 16, 17)


Wang, Kassandra (2019)

Woodhouse Appleby, Alexandra (2016, 17, 18)

Wratt, Cynthia (2018)

Yourakova, Dani (2018)